Pfeiffer University Alumni Association

Board of Directors 2019 - 2020

Executive Board 

President: Della Daniels Raines ’74

President-Elect: Grady Gaston ’12

Secretary: Jenna Gulledge '12


Alumni Student Relations Committee

Chair: David Streater ’80

Co-Chair: Jim Griffith '58


Alumni Service Committee

Chair: Frank Suggs ’71

Co-Chair: Sid Campbell '71


Alumni Engagement Committee

Chair: Jane Cashion Brietz ’68

Co-Chair: Ale Buchanan Miller ’03


GOLD (Graduate of the Last Decade) Committee

Chair: Vera DeFusco Smith ’14

Co-Chair: Will Wright '12


Class of 2023 (Freshmen)

Jane Edwards Crenshaw '72

Elaine Honeycutt ’68

Diamond Staton-Williams ’10 MHA


Class of 2022 (Sophomore)

David Bell ’74

Sid Campbell ’71

Ale Buchanan Miller ’03

Ryan Mills ’17 MBAMHA

David Streater ’80

Frank Suggs ’71

Grady Wiley ’12

Class of 2021 (Juniors)

Greta Love Baucom ’95

Charlotte Cooper Cherry ’72

Travis Smith ’12


Class of 2020 (Seniors)

David Beaver ’05

Rachel Biggerstaff ’13

Trudy Austin Cox ’72

Dean Dunaway ’10

Jenna Gulledge ’12

Roger Holcombe ’70

Ray Hopper ’63

Della Daniels Raines ’74

Nick Sambenedetto ’94

Graduate Students

 (2-year Terms)

Jane Cashion Brietz ’68

Paul Childress ’93

Grady Gaston ’12, ’12 MBA

Jim Griffith ’58

Susan Hawkins ’87

Rev. Sarah Kalish ’77

Cathy McCauley ’77

Philip J. Passanante ’81

Pam Felker Robinson ’83

Vera DeFusco Smith '14 

Will Wright '12

Emeriti Members

Warren Knapp, Jr. ’66

Tom Lewis ’68

Alumni Board of Directors Nominations

In order to make the selection process for membership on the Pfeiffer University Alumni Board of Directors more transparent, an Ad Hoc committee was appointed in August 2017 to rewrite both the requirements and expectations for Board membership. The new requirements and expectations were approved at the February 24, 2018 meeting. All future applicants will be evaluated by the Membership and Governance Committee, the Executive Committee, and finally the entire Board of Directors.

Submission deadline for new Alumni Board of Director members is April 30, 2020.


Print and mail nomination forms to Pfeiffer University - Alumni Affairs P.O. Box 960 Misenheimer, N.C. 28109 or email to