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Each year, alumni and friends demonstrate their loyalty to Pfeiffer's future by giving $1,000 or more to The Pfeiffer Fund. These special partners who pledge to support the University at this level for five years are recognized as Devoted & True.


What is Devoted & True?

It’s a community of Devoted & True donors who invest in Pfeiffer’s mission to prepare students to be thoughtful, well-rounded leaders in their fields through intentional mentorship, real-world experiences, and exemplary academic programs. Their endorsement – by “Pledging Now, Paying Later” – is a comfortable and sustainable way to give to The Pfeiffer Fund, which helps the University address institutional priorities in a planned and predictable manner. Their trust and commitment provide a steady stream of unrestricted support that builds a pipeline of contributions Pfeiffer can depend on, laying the foundation for fundraising growth in the years to come.

Who is Devoted & True?

Class of 1960

David Burns

Class of 1961

Helen Miller Rose

Class of 1963

Al Rose

Diane Hill Tornberg

Class of 1964

Doris Goodwin Goodson

Class of 1965

Bob Brietz

George Thompson

Class of 1966

Dewey Harris

Warren Knapp

Class of 1967

Anne Black Daniel

Ken Goodson

Bonnie Kirby

Ruth Thomas Rowe

Class of 1968

Jane Allen Arens

Jane Cashion Brietz

Jack Cooke

Joan Sundby Cribb

Anne Kelley Harwood

Elaine Hartley Honeycutt

Janice Johnson Hume

Rudy King

Frank Lea

Steve Lemons

Dick Noe

Clay Smith

Charles Stevens

Al Waddell

Margaret Earley Whitt

Thad Woodard

Class of 1969

Sylvia Green Davis

Rick Knapp

Roger Neal

Lane Peeler

Herb Schneider

Class of 1970

Steve Barbee

Wayne Davis

Butch Jones

David Smith

Class of 1971

Everett Alexander, Jr.

Andy Cotton *

Ruth Stanhope Cotton

Katie King Hand

Tom Oare

Joe Schortz

Gary Weart

Class of 1972

Charlie Cooper Cherry

Carolyn York Cooke

Trudy Austin Cox

Jane Edwards Crenshaw

Tom Daggett 

Linda Kocsis

Cathy Bridgman Kuhn

Class of 1973

Sue Vaughn Barbee

David Bell

Ellen Hostetter Thompson



Class of 1974

David Bell

Dennis Causey

Marcie Hill Causey

David Davis

LouAnne Donahue Gable

Paul Hinkle

Robert Kuhn

Della Daniels Raines

Lynda Moore Schortz

Melissa Finlay Swofford

Class of 1975

John Boggs

Patrick McGuire

Cindy Reedy Serbin

Russ Sharples

Michael Swofford

Class of 1976

Marcia Daniel

Jeanne Sweat McGuire

David Melton

Susan Ingram Sharples

Pat Zimmerman Stevens

Class of 1977

Michael Boone

Jan Brittain

Ann Benson Crutchfield

Sarah Kalish

Cathy McCauley

Joy Thornburg Melton

Class of 1979

James Bowers

Harvey Roach

Class of 1980

Sherry Foushee Armstrong

Mike Horai

Fran Knapp (Hon.)

Jeff Pegram

Class of 1981

Dawn Harwood Allen

Roger Armstrong

Debbie Frech

Phil Passanante

Mike Riemann (Hon.)

Class of 1983

Kim Macey Handley

Pam Felker Robinson

Class of 1984

Jim Brosnan

Jeff Cawley

Greg Grant

T.D. Hill

Class of 1985

Betsy Turnmire Harris

Mike Harris

Class of 1986

Colletta Bryce

Chris Dial

Class of 1987

Heidi Honecker Grant

Joe Judge

Chris Palmer

Class of 1988

Bonnie Nicodemus Suther

Class of 1990

Jerry Shelby, MBA

George Thompson (Hon.)




Class of 1992

Rann Paynter

Class of 1993

Jeff Jones

Jo Ellen Eudy Newsome

Class of 1996

Amanda Burkhart Dyer

Class of 1997

Kelly Dierker Rosato 

Class of 1999

Britt Newsome

Class of 2003

Brooke Laton Senter

Class of 2006

CaShaun Garrett Miller

Ruth Thomas Rowe, MSEE

Class of 2007

Colletta Bryce, MSL

Class of 2008

Blake Martin

Class of 2009

Damion Miller

Darryl Suber, MBA

Matt Underwood

Class of 2010

Jamie Livingston Martin

Erik McGinnis

Mike Riemann (Hon.)

Sarah Cruthis Underwood

Class of 2012

Grady Gaston, MBA

Class of 2013

Jo Ellen Eudy Newsome

Class of 2015

Blake Martin, MHA

Class of 2020

Tonya Judge

Jamie Livingston Martin, MSL

CaShaun Garrett Miller


Scott & Shannon Bullard

Emily Carella

John Cox

Remy Cribb

Karin Dancy

Carolyn Dial

Roger Dick

Bob & Donna Gaither

Cathy Tuttle Harris

Karen Hinkle

Fran Knapp

Jerry McGee

Danny Mynatt

Judy Neal

Linda Peeler

Bob & Wade Penny

Mike & Theda Riemann

Kathleen Roach

Marshall Rogers, Sr.

Neil Senter

Janice Smith

Natasha Suber

Michael & Molly Thompson

David Tornberg





  • deceased

How Do I Become Devoted & True?

  • Commit to give at least $1,000 or more, annually for five years, to The Pfeiffer Fund.
  • Your gifts can be made with cash, stock or other property. You can pay by check, credit card, bank account debit, or stock/property transfer.
  • Matching gifts from your employer can help meet the $1,000 annual minimum.
  • You can also meet your annual commitment with monthly recurring donations of at least $84, automatically charged to your credit card or debited from your bank account.
  • Ready? Sign and submit a pledge form to the Pfeiffer University Advancement Office.

Why Should I Pledge?

Pfeiffer's mission matters more than ever! With a Devoted & True pledge, you will support Pfeiffer's tradition of educating students for purposeful living. Your pledge helps determine what the University can accomplish because, with promises of reliable donation revenue, Pfeiffer is nimble and resilient. As a special partner, you will receive regular insider updates from President Scott Bullard, donor recognition at University events, and Devoted & True appreciation swag.

Your pledge frees up University resources to seek new donors who -  like you - will make a meaningful difference for today's students. Your willingness to share your charitable dollars will influence others. Your support is a true measure of gratitude for what Pfeiffer means to you!


For more information, please call (704) 463-3038 or email us at

Or, better yet, make your first Devoted & True donation, and we'll contact you to complete your pledge!

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