2016 Pfeiffer University Donor Report

Parents and Families who donated to Pfeiffer



Jacob Adamson
Fred and Colleen Allen
Ted and Karin Allen
Eugenie Aluko
Donald and Kimberly Anderson
Roger ('81) and Sherry Foushee ('80) Armstrong
Chip ('78, '87 MBA) and Mary Clodfelter ('76) Asbury
Darin and Jeannetta Austin
Dave and Cindy Baden
Stephanie Bailey
Ed ('63) and Betsy Ballard
Lynn and Ann Barker
Karl Barna
Dick and Nancy Beacham
Rich and Crissy Beil
James and Dorothy Bell
Johnny and Berit Bennedsen
Ron and Cindy Benson
John and Tina Bickford
Joe and Allison Boever
John and Laurie Bonds
Jody and Amy Brafford
Beverly Branch
Cecil Donahue '77 and Jan Brittain '77
Chris ('87) and Amy Frye ('89) Brown
Susan Bull
Leonard and Debra Campbell
Jim ('77) and Susan Walker ('77) Cashion
Ernest and Christina Chambers
Carolyn Chavers
Jerry Chavers
Michael and Anja Cheek
Tom ('76 Hon.) and Judy Childress
Carol Whittaker Clarke-Avrick '45
Donnell and Jenille Clay
Michael and Christina Coley
Ana Conde Lazaro
Kenneth Criffield and Cathy Cook '77
Reggie Cooke '51
Dave ('64) and Gail Harrison ('65) Cotton
Jerry Cox
Dean and Barbara Crayton
Len and Tamra Crowder
Cathy Cummings
Zach Cummings
Donald Davis
Roy and Madeline Davis
Shawn Devlin
Ben ('82) and Sandy Harthan ('83) Devoid
Terry Dmytruk
Kristin Doerr
Ronald Drew
Geri Edwards
Clara Edwardson
David and Patty Clarke ('71) Erickson
George and Terri Errington
Francis ('69 Hon.) and Mary Lou Essic
Cécile Estivalet
Craig and Deena Hester ('83) Faris
Josephe and Robin Featherstone
Curtis and April Foreman
John and Angie Freeman
April Freeman
James Fuqua, Jr.
Leonor Galvao
Ted and Myra Garris
Dave Gianferante '72
Keisha Graham
Cherie Grandis
Mark and Donna Greene
David and Donna Guerrero
Cheryl Gulledge
Jim ('79) and Linda Evans ('79) 'Gulledge
Kenneth and Loretta Hackney
Jennifer Sasser Hairston '80
Larry Hall
Ken and Alice Hamilton
Sandra Hammond
Patrick and Liz Hardig
Scott and Carol Hatley
Charles and Donna Herbert
Robert and Patricia Hillery
Paul ('74) and Karen Hinkle
Robert and Jan Hinson
Debby Hoeksema
Jason and Monica Hoffman
Tom Horton
Phil Howard '79
Larry Hughes
Wanda Humphries
David and Kelly Hyatt
Moenke Ingo
Jack ('74) and Nancy MacDade ('80) Ingram
James ('11) and Michelle Drum ('12) Inman
Phillip Jackson
Brandon and Becky Jackson
Wanda Jackson
Barbara Jacobelli
Chuck Jaffe
Tom ('60) and Ferne Crowe ('60) Jamieson
Jim and Robin Janka
Wendy Jarman
Albert and Linda Jarmusch
George ('57, '98 Hon.) and Jacquelyn Johnson
Jack and Patty Keeran
Kevin and Sally Kelley
Pauline and Steven Ketchum
Kenny Kiker
Ed and Kathleen Hughes ('79) Kilbourne
David and Susan King
Rob and Marcia Knapp
Douglas Knight
Rich and Joan Lancellot
Joe and Nancy Landrigan
John ('66) and Annabeal Waller ('66) Lefler
Crystal Lent-Hunnicutt
Paul and Judy Leonard
Larry and Sharon Lewis
Greg and Sue Lilly
Terry and Linda Lindsey
Mark and Jeannie Lins
Kevin and Christine Lutz
Richard and Rene Madrid
Paul and Wendy Marschke
Dion Massey
Randy and Teena ('09) Mauldin
Cassandra Maxwell
Doug Maxwell '99
Jayda McKinney
Shirley McKinney
Alan Merryman
David and Carol Michel
Ronnie and Regina Millsaps
James and Susan Montgomery
Jeffrey and Susan Moore
Kathy Moorehead
Bill and Anna Morgan
Kevin and Donna Morris
Daryl and Lana Morrison
Carlos and Elizabeth Mosquera
Michael and Kari Mueller
Peter and Mary Muncie
Melody Myers '74
Cheri Nash
JoAnn Nelson
Robert and Lynn O'Dwyer
Roberto Olortegui
Edith Palmer
Tim and Vicki Palmer
Eric and Pamela Peaks
Greg ('88) and Lisa Peterson ('89) Peck
Santos and Nuria Perez
Barry Perry
Leroy Perry
Bruce and Valerie Peters
Cindy Petkus-Barna
Chad and Melissa Phillips
Jeff ('02) and Robin Wallace ('90) Plyler
Jeffrey and Noreen Print
Fiona Pritchard
Steve and Tammy Pugh
Rosheen Quinlan
Bob ('73) and Michelle Reasso
Forrest and Kelly Rierson
Cleon and Angelina Robertson
Curtis and Katheryn Rogers
Marshall and Cam ('94 Hon.) Rogers
Troy and Lisa Rogula
Tommy ('73) and Lisa Roseman
Peggy Roseman
Patricia Rutemiller
Randy and Joy Rutledge
Miranda Rutledge
Steven and Vickie Rutledge
Michelein Samson
Richard Sanchez
Charles and Christy Saunders
Ann Selander
Cliff Selander
Jay Sharkey
Thomas Shelton
James Shepherd
Troy Sherrill
Carolyn Shinn
Ron and Tamara Smith
Doug and Clara Moore ('82) Stiers
Vince and Ann Sutlive
Raeford and Katherine Thomas
Shana Thomas
Angela Thompson-Clark
Marvin and Teresa Tillman
Dennis Toney
Amy Totten
Shawn Totten
Caroll and Amy Tuttle
John and Stuart Unkenholz
David and Robin Walker
Gary and Elizabeth Webb
Barry and Betty Whitaker
Michelle Willard
Norman and Patricia Wilson
Lagina Womack
Debbie Wood '04, '09 MBA


Mimi Alvarez
Betty Barker
Janice Barnes
Claire Bartolett
Cary and Karin Beane
John and Mary Bonds
Claudia Brimo
Lucky Bruton
Lorraine Burford
Steve and Marilyn Caine
Patricia Capps
Beatrice Clark
Sylvia Coley
Donald Cramb
Jean Crouch
Judaline Cummings
Sherrye DeFreytas
Errol Dreyfuss
Randy and Marie Dyson
Helene Estivalet
Venita Featherstone
Faye Fields
Nancy Finch
James Fuqua, Sr.
Niel Goff
Gary Gwaltney
Bonita Hadwin
Donald and Rosa Haithcock
Eugene and M.J. Hardig
Hope Harvell
Marilyn Hoffman
Patricia Hohman
James and Vickie Holbrooks
Evelyn Jaffe
Robert Kennel



Sherrye Landrum
Shirley Lins
Janice Loy
Ken and Jean Lutz
Richard and Christiane Madrid
Richard Morrison
Al and Rita Mott
Betty Taylor Pell '88 MBA
Ralph and Lougenie Phifer
Bob and Gail Pritchard
Charlie and Morgan Pulcine
Sandra Queen
Abel and Julia Ramos
William Reinecke
Ann Rielley
Gerald Roberts
Myrna Roberts
Jerry and Louise Sammons
William and Beverly Saunders
Brian Sharkey
Bonnie Slayton
Arlene Smith
Edwin and Linda Sprenger
Ed and Pat Sprenger
Jean Stegall
Dan and Karen Tharpe
Richard Torrence
Emma Tuttle
Perry and Rita Tyler
Everett Vernon
Gale Wells
Robert and Katharine Wilson
Charles and Rosemary Winn