2016 Pfeiffer University Donor Report

Throughout the year, gifts were made to in honor and tribute for family and friends of the University.



Gifts Made in Memory of...

Mary C. Anderson
    Dr. Christine Rogers '81
Jonathan Belden
    Jeff ('84) and Donna Ingram ('84) DeBoy
Barton D. Burpeau, Jr.
    Terry and Aimee Keter
Dr. J. Griffin Campbell '65 (Hon.)
    Jane Allen Arens '68
    Dot Chance '60
    Richard and Anne Hoppman
Clay Tom Carpenter '70
    William and Melanie McEwan
Carol Cooper '72
    James and Brenda Wilson
Jeanette Toney Craig '74
    Bob Craig '73
J. Keith Crisco, Sr. '64
    Dave ('64) and Gail Harrison ('65) Cotten
    Jane Sidbury Crisco '63
    Dr. Kent Fairfield
    Lee ('65) and Wanda Ballard ('65) Farmer
    Mary Ann McKenzie '64
    Yates ('63) and Cathy Hewitt ('63) Neagle
    Robert ('64) and Kay Pulley
    Eric Shultz '96
Rose C. D'Argenio
    Phil Passanante '80
Michael F. Driver '69
    Stokes ('71) and Sissy Mayfield
Barbara Earnhardt '06
    Jack ('74) and Nancy MacDade ('80) Ingram
James E. Faulhaber, Jr.
    Phil Passanante '80
Dianne Hatley Furr '68
    Bob ('65) and Jane Cashion ('68) Brietz
Vera Gebhardt '75
    Dr. Frank Browning
Edwin C. Hash
    Mr. and Mrs. James Severs
Judy C. Hash '72
    Mr. and Mrs. James Severs
John M. Hraczo '94
    Dr. Jim ('79) and Linda Evans ('79) Gulledge
    Tamara Singletary
Thomas and Audrey Iuso
    Timothy and Diane Iuso ('77) Johansson
Minnie Jester
    Scott and Karen Webster
Pamelia Kennedy
    Jack Kennedy '49
Larry L. Kiser, Sr. '58
    Billy ('58) and Trina Tyson
    Phil ('58) and Dorothy Wilkinson
Jane E. Knapp
    Jim Culberson
    James and Martha Waggoner ('45) Fairfield
    Lloyd and Ann Hamlet
    Victor and Carol Jones
    Richard and Jane Linderman
    Bob and Margaret Morrison
    Ben (’91) and LoriAnn Little (’90) Owen
    Mac and Ann Pugh
    Cynthia Schroder
    Mary Ann Urbancic
Eleanor W. Knotts
    Charles and Betty Brown
    Lee ('65) and Wanda Ballard ('65) Farmer
    Dr. Davis Fort
    Ken ('67) and Doris Goodwin ('64) Goodson
    Tom Webb and Kathryn Heath
    Jim* ('48) and Margaret Ivey
    Dr. Everette James and Dr. Nancy Farmer
    Roger and Gina Martin
    Rann Paynter '92
    Marshall and Cam ('94 Hon.) Rogers
    Art and Sandy Rogers
Nicholas E. Lefko '37
    Dick ('49) and Betty Patterson
Beatrice "Bebe" Leitch
    James Bowers '78



Nicholas W. Mattia, Sr.
    Phil Passanante '80
Dr. Nancy D. McLaurin
    Dr. Julia Foster
    Dr. Parks Lanier '66
Lucile O'Donnell
    Phil Passanante '80
Glenn P. Parsley '92
    Dawn Hedrick '94
Samuel W. Pearce, Jr.
    Dick and Nancy Beacham
    Jack and Joan Boling
    Jeffrey and Kimberly Bost
    Howard and Pat Burkart
    Phil and Becky Butler
    Dwight and Maggie Byrd
    Jim ('77) and Susan Walker ('77) Cashion
    Dick and Brenda Davis
    Dr. Dennis and Susan DeVereux
    Ted and Barbara Durvin
    Henry and Nell Eudy
    Pam Ford
    Dr. Steve and Joanna Foster
    William and Sally Gardner
    Olin and Judy Giles
    Fran Hoke
    Jack ('74) and Nancy MacDade ('80) Ingram
    Russell and Bede Karr
    Jack and Betty Lail
    Ken and Vicki Lambert
    Gene and Vicky Langley
    Glenn and Becky Miller
    Kenneth and Elaine Nelson
    Herbert and Brenda Niparts
    Mike and Nancy Norton
    James and Janet Pampinella
    Jim and Daphne Perry
    Dr. Don and Ann Piehl
    Tom and Jean Rabe
    Betty Sue Richard
    Connie and Adrienne Robinson
    Senior Mens Golf Association
    Jeff and Lisa Sepesi
    Tom and Mercene Smith
    Barry Stubenrauch
    Phil and Janie Styers
    Gary and Sue Tyler
    Uwharrie Point Community Association
    Eddie Veale and Anita Helms
    Bob and Darragh Weisman
    Barney and Margaret West
    Dr. Larry and Jackie Widner
    Greg and Betsy Young
    Dr. Leonard and Pat Zeabart
Francis D. Perfect, Sr.
    Phil Passanante '80
Stephen Pinkston '69
    Louise Long Hallas '68
Bill L. Rinehart
    Edward and Doris Aldridge
    Fonda Howard
    Shirley Stiller
    James and Helen Thompson
Jane Brady Rule '66
    Dr. Charles Repp '66
Mary D. Shelton '00
    Thomas Shelton
Michele R. Starnes '04
    Jack ('74) and Nancy MacDade ('80) Ingram
Dr. Harold P. Stephenson
    Sean McLean '90
Dwight Stokes
    Doug and Susan Stokes
Mildred W. Swicegood
    Kenneth and Susan Brousseau
    Corinne Stiller DeMarcus '47
    Peter Glanville
    Arleen Hazen
    John Simpson, Sr.
    Dr. George ('65, '90 Hon.) and Pat Thompson
    Stephen Ummel
William C. "Buck" Wagoner '42
    Matt ('09) and Sarah Cruthis ('10) Underwood
Mary Bost Williams
    Carolyn Dial
Edna Winberry '68
    Peter and Barbara Reid ('68) Luenser

Gifts Made in Honor of...

Chip ('78, '87 MBA) and Mary Clodfelter ('76) Asbury
    Rev. and Mrs. Stephen R. Combs
Dr. Jerry Boone
    Dr. Mike ('81 Hon., '10 Hon.) and Theda Riemann
Eileen Brewer
    Rev. and Mrs. Stephen R. Combs
Rev. John and Kathy Bryant
    Carole and Tom Bryant
The Class of 1974
    Lou Anne Donahue Gable '73
Blake ('59) and Shirley Mayberry ('59) Deal
    Dot Walker '58
Chris ('86) and Kristen Dial
    Allison and Charles Scherer
Becky Earnhardt Efird '64
    Dot Walker '58
Kristen Hatley '16
    Carol Hatley
Peggy Hefner '63
    Dot Walker '58
Matthew Humphries '16
    Wanda Humphries
Dr. Tom Hyde
    Lori Ruff '06
Jack Ingram '74
    Nancy Scoggins Janas '80
    Dr. Russ ('75) and Susan Ingram ('76) Sharples
Dr. and Mrs. Bill Latham '59
    Dot Walker '58
Dana ('82) and Pat Hinson ('85, '96 MCE) McKim
    Joan Westbrook Sells '61
Marion Melton
    Rev. and Mrs. Stephen R. Combs
Bill Mullinix, Sr.
    Jack ('74) and Nancy MacDade ('80) Ingram
Pfeiffer Men's Basketball Program
    Jeremy ('13 MSL) and Natalie ('14 MBA) Currier
Amin Ramadan
    Lee Strong '72
Marshall and Cam (’94 Hon.) Rogers
    Rev. and Mrs. Stephen R. Combs
Peggy L. Roseman
    David ('80) and Cathy Lefko
    Anne Lyerly
Jeanne Marie Sawtelle
    Lee Strong '72
Dr. Russ Sharples '75
    Michael and Alice Taylor
Dr. George ('65, '90 Hon.) and Pat Thompson
    Rev. and Mrs. Stephen R. Combs
Pauline Wilhelm '58
    Dot Walker '58