2017 Pfeiffer University Donor Report

Parents and Families who donated to Pfeiffer



Roger ('81) and Sherry Foushee ('80) Armstrong
Chip ('78,' 87 MBA, '16 Hon.) and Mary
     Clodfelter ('76, '16 MAPT) Asbury
Cindy and Dave Baden
Lorie and Ted Baity
Ed ('63) and Betsy Ballard
Dick and Nancy Beacham
James and Dorothy Bell
Ron and Cindy Benson
Kate Borrosh
Keri and Brian Bourque
Jan Brittain '77 and Cecil Donahue '77
Warren and Vicky Buster
Leonard and Debra Campbell
Willis and Terry Carter
Jim ('77) and Susan Walker ('77) Cashion
Tom ('76 Hon.) and Judy Childress
Thomas Church
Alishia Clark
Carol Whitaker Clarke-Avrick '45
Jerry and Vera Coble
Kyle and Tara Coltman
Cathy Cook '77 and Kenneth Criffield
Reggie Cooke '51 *
Miguel Correa
Dave ('64) and Gail Harrison ('65) Cotten
Tamra and Len Crowder
Roy and Madeline Davis
Ben ('82) and Sandy Harthan ('83) Devoid
Roger Dick
David and Patty Clarke ('71) Erickson
Craig and Deena Hester ('83) Faris
Melissa Fitzpatrick
John and Shari Foil
José Galvão
Leonor Galvao
Ana García
Isabel and Efrain García
Heath Garlow
Dave Gianferante '72
Stephanie and Edward Gordon
Princess Gray
Sherri Greene
Michelle Guccione
Jim ('79) and Linda Evans ('79) Gulledge
Sandra Hammond
Melanie and Rodney Hatley
Portia Hayes
Patricia and Robert Hillery
Paul ('74) and Karen Hinkle
Robert and Jan Hinson
Christina Hogan
Kimberly and Paul Hooper
Phil Howard '79
Becky Hraczo '04, '06 MSOM, '13 MBA
Larry Hughes
James and Brenda Huneycutt
Deborah and Michael Hyatt
Jack ('74) and Nancy MacDade ('80) Ingram
James ('11) and Michelle
     Drum ('12, '16 MSL) Inman
Becky and Brandon Jackson
James Jerome
George ('57, '98 Hon.) and Jacquelyn Johnson
Linda Johnson
Kevin and Sally Kelley
Annie and Stanley Kelly
Ed and Kathleen Hughes ('79) Kilbourne
Rob ('95 Hon.) and Marcia Knapp
Rich and Joan Lancellot
John ('66) and Annabeal Waller ('66) Lefler
Paul and Judy Leonard
Joey and Sheila  Lester
Robert and Karen Ligas
Sue and Greg Lilly
Joseph and Denise London
Rene and Richard Madrid
Charlotte Maness
Chuck Maxfield
Mike and Robin McGraw
Lee and Beth McKenzie
Lisa and Mark Metzger
Carol and David Michel
Lysle and Gale ('92 Hon.) Misenheimer
Susan and Jim Montgomery
Susan and Jeff Moore
Kathy Moorehead
Melody Myers '74
Lynne Nelson
Anita Newby
Lynn and Robert O'Dwyer
Roberto Olortegui
Edith Palmer
Cindy Petkus-Barna
Jeff ('02) and Robin Wallace ('90) Plyler
Jeff and Noreen Print
Fiona Pritchard
Steve and Tammy Pugh
Bob ('73) and Michelle Reasso
Claudia Rebolledo
Steven and Stacey Richmond
Marshall and Cam Rogers
Sara and Mark Romanik
Tommy ('73) and Lisa Roseman
Joy and Randy Rutledge
Mike and Sally Sarson
Brooks and Saundra Scudder
Cliff and Darcy Selander
Thomas Shelton
Carolyn Shinn
Myrna Shockley
Lance and Tina Sisco
Carrie and Kevin Smith
Mary Ann Smith
Tammy and Ron Smith
Kim Starr-Harvey
Jeff Steinhardt
Alexandra and Gus Stifano
Mildred Swicegood *
Raeford and Katherine Thomas
Angela Thompson-Clark
Teresa and Marvin Tillman
Amy and Caroll Tuttle
Monty and Lisa Tuttle
Doug and Nancy Weaver
Elizabeth and Gary Webb
Eugene and Deborah Wheat
Barry and Betty Whitaker
Bradford Williams
Norman and Patricia Wilson
Thomas Wilson


Richard Allen, Jr.
Gayle Altemueller
Glenda Bankhead
Carole Bartunek
Ronald and Janet Beasley
Don Beede
Antonio Bento
Bernie Bourque
Lorraine Burford
Royce Carter
Roy Culler
Helene Estivalet
Kristine Fredericks
Johnny Gibson, Sr.
Lorene Goodrum
Gary and Wanda Gwaltney
Bonita Hadwin
Rosa and Donald Haithcock
Delane Hanner
Janice Hopkins
Betty Hyatt
Judy Jackson
Ken and Sheryl Jackson
Beverly Jenkins
Linda Johnson
Terry Kaddatz
Walt and Ann Kaser
Rolland Lawrence
Antje Ligas
Ken and Jean Lutz
Marsha Maas
Richard and Christiane Madrid  


Sam and Geneva McGraw
Loie McMahan, Jr.
Eldon and Jane Meyer
Elaine Mock
Leonard Murray
Thomas Nelson
Betty Taylor Pell '88 MBA
Ginger Penninger
Bob and Gail Pritchard
Wayne ('69) and Ann Ridenhour
Les Roberts
Don and Gina Russell
Frances Russell
Kathy Sabio
Jerry and Louise Sammons
Bonnie Slayton
James and Anabel Speight
Ed and Pat Sprenger
Edwin and Linda Sprenger
Jean Stegall
Elaine Steinhoff
Leona Thigpen
Richard Torrence
Melanie Truitt
Shirley Turner
Perry and Rita Tyler
Tamara Walker
Walter Whatmough
Charisse Williams
Kent Williams