2017 Pfeiffer University Donor Report

Throughout the year, gifts were made to in honor and tribute for family and friends of the University.



Gifts Made in Memory of...

Mary C. Anderson

        Randall and Christine (’82) Rogers


Smyra Barbee

        Steve and Sue Vaughn (’73) Barbee


Dr. Richard H. Brewer ’66 (Hon.)

        Dennis and Kay Brewer (’75) Yates


Steve and Shirley Brosnan

        Jim Brosnan ’84


Jacqueline and B. David Burpeau

        Aimee and Terry Keter


Carol Cooper ’72

        James and Brenda Wilson


J. Keith Crisco ’64

        Dave (’64) and Gail Harrison (’65) Cotten

        Jane Sidbury Crisco ’63

        Dennis and Connie Keller


Doris Crowl

        Carolyn Dial


Rev. Joseph C. Daniels ’60  

        Larry and Della Daniels (’74) Raines


Steve H. Dial ’84

        Terry Weaver ’66


Rev. William H. Faggart ’60

        Jim (’79) and Linda Evans (’79) Gulledge


Clyde W. "Bud" Goodman ’92 (Hon.)

        Jim (’79) and Linda Evans (’79) Gulledge


Dr. Lane G. Graham

        Jack and Linda Steck


Dr. Jean M. Jones

        Mary Pearson


Timothy P. Kimble ’91

        Sean McLean ’91


Dr. Arthur R. Marshall ’71

        Jay (’71) and Brenda Walker (’72) Parker


Ruby B. Mason ’82 (Hon.)

        Rann Paynter ’92


D. Don Michelle ’58

        Jane Chambers ’59



Roger F. Morris ’57

        Frank (’54) and Nola Lentz


Glenn P. Parsley ’92

        Dawn Hedrick ’95


Eugene B. Pickler ’71 (Hon.)

        Norman Beck

        Cindy and Ron Benson

        Wayne (’66) and Harriet Hartman (’67) Brooks

        Elizabeth Burton

        Jim (’77) and Susan Walker (’77) Cashion

        Tom (’76 Hon.) and Judy Childress

        City of Albemarle Long Creek WWTP staff and plant maintenance staff

        T.G. and Anne Black (’67) Daniel

        Carolyn Dial

        Greg Gaskins

        Jim (’79) and Linda Evans (’79) Gulledge

        Jud and Kim Macey (’83) Handley

        Frank Jozsa

        Bobby Keen

        Jim (’46) and Doris Mauney

        Rann Paynter ’92

        Larry Peck

        Syrella Pickler

        Paul Propst

        Rolling Hills Gin, LLC

        Edith Smitherman

        Lee Strong ’73

        Martha Turner

        Joe Zapotoczny


M.G. Roseman, Jr. ’82 (Hon.)

        David (’80) and Cathy Lefko


Dr. David B. Rowe ’66

        Harold (’66) and Carole Clark (’66) Williford


Tisa Sedberry

        Jack (’74) and Nancy MacDade (’80) Ingram


Mary D. Shelton ’00

        Thomas Shelton


James W. Tuzenew ’70

        Harold (’66) and Carole Clark (’66) Williford


Dr. Robert F. "Fred" West

        Dwight and Rebecca West McKeown


John L. Whitesides ’60

        Buddy and Kim Whitesides (’84) Ferguson


Donald A. Zimmerman ’59

        Morgan (’59) and Sue Foil (’60) Walker


Gifts Made in Honor of...


Thomas A. Aldridge, Jr. ’75

        Chris and Anna Parker


Cynthia P. Benson

        Rann Paynter ’92


Dr. Jerry (’15 Hon.) and Shirley (’15 Hon.) Boone

        Jim (’79) and Linda Evans (’79) Gulledge


Tony Causby ’83

        Eric Tsitouris ’84


Donna Ingram DeBoy ’84

        Dale and Pixie Klein (’83) Gentle


Carolyn R. Dial

        Cam and Andrea Weaver


Dr. Luke Dollar

        Sandy Liotta


Rebecca J. Foil ’15

        John and Shari Foil


Newton S. “Buddy” (’69) and June Gaither

        Colleen and Barry Keith


Dr. Roger M. Gramling ’71

        Lee Strong ’73


Lenore Jones

        All Saints Episcopal Church Choir


Dr. John W. Langley ’63 *

        Lee and Lynn Langley Grogan


Angeleah Sells Lefler ’77

        Colletta Bryce ’86, ’07 MSL


Annabeal Waller Lefler ’66  

        Harold (’66) and Carole Clark (’66) Williford


Dr. Gerry D. Martin ’63

        Bobby (’62) and Norma Bennett (’61) Griffin


Men and Women of Immanuel Bible Church

        Lee Strong ’73


Theresa P. Newman

Madeline Allen

All Saints Episcopal Church Choir

Sharon Bard ’79  

Stephen (’73) and Frances Barger

Frances and Charles Barnes

Larry (’78) and Edith Epps (’77) Blydenburgh

Jerry (’15 Hon.) and Shirley (’15 Hon.) Boone

Tom (’76 Hon.) and Judy Childress

Jeff (’84) and Donna Ingram (’84) DeBoy

Steve Duprey ’79

Zane (’90 Hon.) and Joan (’90 Hon.) Eargle

Gene and Barbara Earnhardt

Craig and Deena Hester (’83) Faris

Louis and Libby Ross (’77) Fletcher

Darryl Glick ’83

David (’80) and Annette Godown

Roger (’71) and Marilyn Gramling

Jim (’79) and Linda Evans (’79) Gulledge

Bill and Cam Winfield (’80) Hammill

Phil Howard ’79

Dan (’79) and Beth Barton (’80) Huber           

Brenda and James Huneycutt

Terry and Elaine Parker (’79) Ingold

Eddie (’93) and Terra Ivey

David (’75) and Lynne Joyce

Thomas and Pam Sterling (’74) Kelly

Kathleen Kennedy ’74

Ron Laffitte

Joe (’77) and Amy Lockman

Patrick (’75) and Jeanne Sweat (’76) McGuire

Linda Hendrix (’73) Metcalf

Bart (’80) and Helen Davison (’81) Milleson

Gale (’92 Hon.) and Lysle Misenheimer

Scott (’79) and Annette Moss

John Newman ’79

Phil Passanante ’81

Jeff (’02) and Robin Wallace (’90) Plyler

Gena Poovey ’81

Rann Paynter ’92

Mike (’81 Hon., ’10 Hon.) and Theda Riemann

Les Roberts ’83 (Hon.)

Darin and Cindy Batson (’84) Robinson

Walter and Pam Felker (’83) Robinson

John (’76) and Celia Sexton

Russ (’75) and Susan Ingram (’76) Sharples

        Peggy Troutman ’93 (Hon.)



Pfeiffer College 1978-79 Women’s Basketball Team

        Laura Kammerer Fleming ’80

        Carla Owen Grune ’80


Pfeiffer College Class of 1974

        Lou Anne Donahue Gable ’74


Pfeiffer College's First Men’s Varsity Lacrosse Team

        Marc DiLonardo ’87


Pfeiffer University 2003 Women’s Basketball Team

        Shannon Reid ’03


Pfeiffer University Athletics Program

        Shannon Reid ’03


Pfeiffer University Cheerleading Program

        Dianne and Bruce Daniels


Pfeiffer University Women’s Cross Country Program

        Senter Stephenson Johnson, PA


Pfeiffer University YeTI Program

        Pam Humphrey ’14 MCE


Dr. J. Michael Riemann ’81 (Hon.), ’10 (Hon.)

        Jay (’71) and Brenda Walker (’72) Parker


Albert L. Rose ’63

        Erica Norris Burroughs ’04, ’16 MSFFI


Peggy L. Roseman

        Anne Lyerly


Dr. Stan (’70 Hon.) and Jane Scheer

        Steve and Sandy Combs


Dr. Russell H. Sharples ’75

        James (’11) and Michelle Drum (’12, ’16 MSL) Inman

        Rachel Biggerstaff ’13


George E.J. Singleton ’68

        Jane Williams ’66


Leonell C. Strong, III ’73

        Erica Norris Burroughs ’04, ’16 MSFFI


Dr. Terry V. Swicegood ’66

        Erik and Amie Woundenberg


M. Jane Williams ’66

        George Singleton ’68


Mala Yousafazai

        Lee Strong ’73