2018 Pfeiffer University Donor Report

Parents and Families who donated to Pfeiffer



LaTasha Anderson
Roger ('81) and Sherry Foushee ('80) Armstrong
Chip ('78, '87 MBA, '16 Hon.) and Mary
     Clodfelter ('76, '16 MAPT) Asbury
Edwina Ashworth
Sotoyia Ayoung
Ed ('63) and Betsy Ballard
Tom and Ruth Bartholomew
Dick and Nancy Beacham
Melena and Phillip Beck
Ruth Beeson *
Ron and Cindy Benson
Yasheka Bentley
John and Tina Bickford
James Blanton
Laurie and John Bonds
Teneeshia Boots
Greg and Sandy Bosak
James Bourguignon
Keri and Brian Bourque
Amy Bratager
Michael Briggs
Jan Brittain '77 and Cecil Donahue '77
Jessie Brown
Ness Campbell
Stacy Capel
Willis and Terry Carter
Jim ('77) and Susan Walker ('77) Cashion
Kelly Cassell
Jerry Chavers
Kenneth and Donna Chavis
Tom ('76 Hon.) and Judy Childress
Leon and Melanie Chomiczewski
Thomas Church
Heidi Cindahl
Carol Whittaker Clarke-Avrick '45
James and Greta Colson
Kyle and Tara Coltman
Stephanie Conner
Cathy Cook '77
Tim Cote
Dave ('64) and Gail Harrison ('65) Cotten
Jerry and Lisa Cox
Marna Creecy
Martin Cruz
Zach and Cathy Cummings
Elizabeth Dabrowski
Trisha DeFeo
Roger Dick
William Donnally
Danny and Kendra Dyson
Chris Eaton
Dean Eaton
David and Patty Clarke ('71) Erickson
Johnathan Evans
Mark Fairchild
Craig and Deena Hester ('83) Faris
Melissa Fitzpatrick
William Freed
Monica Fusetti
Dave Gianferante '72
Anne and Michael Gill
Sherri Greene
Terry Greenlund
Chuck and Annette Griffin
Kris and Jim Guidry
Jim ('79) and Linda Evans ('79) Gulledge
Tara Hajer
Jill Hall
Thad Handy
Macy Harper
Karen and David Harris
Edwin Hash *
Portia Hayes
Roy Hayes
Patricia and Robert Hillery
Paul ('74) and Karen Hinkle
Robert and Jan Hinson
Ute Hoffmann
Kim Holmes
Michelle Honeycutt
Kimberly and Paul Hooper
Karen and Paul Horner
Robert hovater
Phil Howard '79
Becky Hraczo '04, '06 MSOM,'13 MBA
James and Brenda Huneycutt
Danny ('91) and Kaye Hunt
Deborah and Michael Hyatt
Jack ('74) and Nancy MacDade ('80) Ingram
James ('11) and Michelle Drum ('12, '16 MSL) Inman
Joseph Izzi
Don ('78 Hon.) and Jane ('80) Jackman
Becky and Brandon Jackson


George ('57, '98 Hon.) and Jacquelyn Johnson
Linda Johnson
Angela Jones
Carol Jones-Sheeko
John and Denise Jorgenson
Cathy Kane
Kevin and Sally Kelley
Mike and Terri Kelly
Yolander Kennedy
Pauline and Steven Ketchum
Ed and Kathleen Hughes ('79) Kilbourne
Rob ('95 Hon., '15 Hon.) and Marcia Knapp
Bryan Kowalski
Rich and Joan Lancellot
Ricky and Cheryl Lanuza
Leah Larkin
Victor Leach
John ('66) and Annabeal Waller ('66) Lefler
Paul and Judy Leonard
Joey and Sheila Lester
Robert and Karen Ligas
Terry and Linda Lindsey
Karen and Steve Lode
Charlotte Maness
Jimmy ('86) and Diane Maness
Lisa Manson
Joe and Dana Martin
Tammy Matthews
Randy and Teena ('09) Mauldin
James ('46)* and Doris* Mauney
Alaric May
Cherie May
Michael and Tonya McLamb
Carol and David Michel
Ronnie and Regina Millsaps
Anna and Bill Morgan
Peter and Mary Muncie
Melody Myers '74
Scott and Lynne Nelson
Lynn and Robert O'Dwyer
Taejon Owens
Donnie Parker
Danette Parkman
Earl Parkman
Santos and Nuria Perez
Jeff ('02) and Robin Wallace ('90) Plyler
Dale Powell
Steve and Tammy Pugh
Richard Pulliam
Bryan and Shelley Rawlings
Bob ('73) and Michelle Reasso
Stephanie Reffey
Lou Reid
Margaret Rendon
Steven and Stacey Richmond
Kelly and Forrest Rierson
Paul Robinson
Marshall and Cam ('94 Hon.) Rogers
Tommy ('73) and Lisa Roseman
Kristin Ruggiero
Miranda Rutledge
Mary Scardilli
Kimberly Sedotto
Cliff and Darcy Selander
Donnie Severt
Lashanda Sharpe
Mark Shea
Doug and Debbie Shiflet
Carolyn Shinn
Michele and Greg Shutter
Teresa Skidmore
Stephanie and Barry Smith
Tammy and Ron Smith
Denny and Julie Spencer
Doug and Clara Moore ('82) Stiers
David Storey
Kelly Street
Mary Steele Thompson '76
Chris Walker
Joan Walker
Mitchell Walker
Robin and David Walker
Dana Wallace
Michael Watkins
Paul and Barbara Weir
Michelle Whitener
Monte Whitener
Shawn Wilkins
Norman and Patricia Wilson
Todd and Karen Wilson
Debbie Wood '04, '09 MBA, '16 MSFFI
William Yarborough
Darlene Zahorec
Nancy Zoltoski



Flo Allen
Eula Allison
Kimberly Ayoung
Ronald Barbee
Donald and Carolyn Bentley
Carol Bickford
Jean and Fred Bosak
Bernie and Dolores Bourque
Lana Bouton
Carol Briggs
Paul and Mary Alice Brown
Phyllis Burgess
Royce Carter
Mary Cavey
Frederick Chase
Mavis Cheers
Jean Chomiczewski
Anne Crabbe
Joel Crawford
Roy Culler
Randy and Marie Dyson
Janet Ellis
Thomas Esper
Gloria Eure
Sherri File
Kristine Fredericks
Helen Golden
Gayle Golden
Lorene Goodrum
Linda Gordon
Myra Handy
Brenda Heaton
Rose Henry
Gary and Althea Hunsucker
Betty Hyatt
Ken and Sheryl Jackson
Rebecca Jackson
Linda Johnson
Ralph Johnson
Cora Joyce
Terry Kaddatz
Linda Kamm
Stella Kearns
Nancy Kilgore
Jevita Kilpatrick
Mary Kolaski
Leslie LaRocque
Rolland Lawrence
Fran Lindley
Hattie Lofton
Ronnie and Linda Martin
Renae McClain


Sam and Geneva McGraw
Carol Miller
Elaine Mock
Michelle and Mike Moser
Ellie Jean Myatt
Delia Neely
Thomas Nelson
Brenda Nicholson
Fred Parker, Jr.
Bill and Ginger Penninger
Sandra Peters
Lynne Polizos
Helen Quiles
John Ray
John and Madeline Rendon
Ann Rielley
Dewey Rierson
Les Roberts '83 (Hon.)
Jessie Robinson
Frances Russell
Jerry and Louise Sammons
Jo Ann Scardilli
Sydelle Scardilli
Kenneth Schramm
Lutz Schwanke
James and Melva Seay
Patricia and Harry Seay
Tom Shea
Todd Sheeko
Bill Shelton
Edwin and Linda Sprenger
Nancy Stec
Robert Street
Janel Sullivan
Brandt and Gwyn ('04 MBAMHA) Swain
Pat Templeton
Leona Thigpen
Charles Timberlake
David Upright
Carole Vernon
Penny Villanueva
Paula Walker
Frankie Wallace
Katherine and Mike Weaver
Jean Weir
Diane Westerbeek
Walter and Sue Whatmough
Deborah Whisnant
Teresa and Greg Whitman
Robert Woodall
Frank and Cindy Wrenn
Ellen and Martin Zoltoski