2018 Pfeiffer University Donor Report

Throughout the year, gifts were made in honor or memory of family and friends of the University.



Gifts Made in Memory of...

Mary C. Anderson

Randall and Christine ('82) Rogers


Elaine V. Baccino

       Phil Passanante '81


Cooper Best

       Richard Best '77


Dr. Richard H. Brewer ’66 (Hon.)

       Larry ('81) and Marvie Lovette ('81) Cartner

       Dennis and Kay Brewer ('75) Yates


Shirley Cassidy

       Chris Boe


L. Boyce Caudle '49

       Brad and Ruby Barringer

       Edward and Sandy Bowles

       Mr. and Mrs. Ralph K. Brown

       Pam Ford

       John and Ruby Fraley

       Golda Harrington

       Bonnie Hodges

       Marie Jones

       M.C. and J.C. Keeter

       David ('80) and Cathy Lefko

       David and Cindy Wilkinson ('74) McMullen

       Alva Sells

       Debra and Sid Smith

       Jane Strathman and William Petrarca

       Linda and Dwight Wagoner

       Fran Caudle ('60) Watson

       Ronnie and Vicky Watson


Carol Cooper '72

       James and Brenda Wilson


J. Keith Crisco, Sr. '64

       Tom ('76 Hon.) and Judy Childress

       Dave ('64) and Gail Harrison ('65) Cotton

       Jane Sidbury Crisco '63


Thomas N. Delk '74

       Bob and Linda Campbell ('75) Morrow


Dr. Joseph T. Echols, Jr.

       Charles and Karen Alford

       Charles L. Echols

       Heidi and David Gardner

       Jud and Kim Macey ('83) Handley

       Don ('78 Hon.) and Jane Lloyd ('80) Jackman

       Sean McLean '91

       Linda Perry

       Mike ('81 Hon., '10 Hon.) and Theda Riemann

       Barry Whitaker '93

       Wake Forest Radiology Residency Department

       Harold ('66) and Carole Clark ('66) Williford


Warren E. Elliott '65

       Carole Johnson Elliott '65


Rev. William H. Faggart '60

       Jud and Kim Macey ('83) Handley

       Harold ('66) and Carole Clark ('66) Williford


Melba Ferebee '52

       Joe Moore '71


Dr. Lane G. Graham

       Mt. Tabor United Methodist Church, Salisbury, NC


Millie Hayden

       Chris Boe


Fred R. "Dick" Horchler

       Chris Boe


Dr. Phyllis Gore Houghton ’84 (Hon.)

       Joan Westbrook Sells '62


Iris M. Hutchinson

       Beacon District of the UMC North Carolina Conference

       Chris Boe

       Sam and Kitty Crain

       George ('57, '98 Hon.) and Jacquelyn Johnson

       Brian and Lara Little


Annette Janocha

       Phil Passanante '81


Samuel H. Johnson '46

       Bobby ('62) and Norma Bennett ('61) Griffin


John and Virginia Lampros

       Jim Lampros '75


Dr. John W. Langley '63

       Anita and Terry Adcock

       Ben Allen

       Ron and Patsy Allen

       Laura and Sabatino Bianco

       Cecile and Aubrey Bone

       Rodger and Helen Fuller

       Pam Goldberg

       Dolly and Buddy Green

       Robert and Catherine Hutchinson

       Robert and Mary Hutchinson

       Reginald and Lyn Joyce

       Amy Kessler

       Libbie, Jack and Sally Key

       Gregory Maske

       Robert and Jeanne Mayo

       Gray and Beth McCall

       Susan Metcalf

       Georgia Moore

       John and Catherine Downer ('50) Neal

       John and Vicky Partin

       Charles Rogers and Carol Mailman

       Russ and Ann Robinson

       Claudia and Felix Rollins

       Jeneece Smith

       Margaret Smith

       Sunday's Day Spa & Wellness Center

       Jack and Pat Swink

       Sue Wager and Family

       Stacy Wentworth

       Jeannie Wilkerson


Nick ('37) and Reba Holland ('36) Lefko

       Carl ('67) and Jane Lefko ('64) Bell


Beatrice "Bebe" Leitch

       James Bowers '79


Frederick A. Lentz '60

       Frank ('54) and Nola Lentz


Wade T. Macey

       Wayne ('70) and Sylvia Green ('69) Davis

       Jud and Kim Macey ('83) Handley

       Dale and Pixie Klein ('83) Gentle

       Jim ('69) and Imogene Shaver

       Harold ('66) and Carole Clark ('66) Williford


Dr. J. Horace Maness, Sr.

       Kassandra Smith


Ruby B. Mason ’82 (Hon.)

       Harold ('66) and Carole Clark ('66) Williford


Jean F. McCombs

       Rann Paynter '92


Robin Clark Morris '63

       Richard Morris

       Kristeen Troyer


Glenn P. Parsley '92

       Dawn Hedrick '95


Agnes Pedersen

       Phil Passanante '81


Becky Dabbs Phillips '80

       Singing Saints of Concord


Eugene B. Pickler ’71 (Hon.)

       Susan and Robert Brewer

       Doris* and Jim ('46)* Mauney


William K. Quick '52, '72 (Hon.)

       Frank Lea '68


Charles H. Roberts '60

       Roberts and Morris, Inc.


Thomas G. Runge '62

       Bobby ('62) and Norma Bennett ('61) Griffin


Katrina Sells

       Harold ('66) and Carole Clark ('66) Williford


Ruth H. Sharples

       Russ ('75) and Susan Ingram ('76) Sharples


Michele R. Starnes '04

       Jack ('74) and Nancy MacDade ('80) Ingram


Sandra K. Steiger

       Christine Beck

       Curtis Boe and Michael Warner

       Barbara Kean

       Wayne and Gathea Whiteside


Dr. J. Lem Stokes, II ’61 (Hon.), ’75 (Hon.)

       William ('79) and Betty Brooks


Elmina H. Surratt '65 (Hon.)

       Karen Elliott '79


Raeford A. Thomas

       Michael and Susan Ferguson

       John ('75) and Cathy Thomas ('78) Potts


Larry W. Watson

       Carl ('67) and Jane Lefko ('64) Bell

       George and June Caudle

       Mike Farfour

       Pam Ford

       John and Ruby Fraley

       James and Brenda Huneycutt

       Debra and Sid Smith

       Linda Wagoner

       Fran Caudle Watson '60


Daniel "Phil" Wilkinson '58

       Billy ('58) and Trina Tyson


F.T. Wrenn

       Chris Boe

Gifts Made in Honor of...


Thomas A. Aldridge, Jr. '75

       Amy Bunting


Sue Vaughn Barbee '73

       Linda and Lane ('69) Peeler


Amy E. Bunting

       Bob ('65) and Jane Cashion ('68) Brietz

       Dave and Diane Hill ('63) Tornberg


Gary and Natalie De Baldo

       Lee Strong '73


The Class of 1974

       George and Lou Anne Donahue ('74) Gable


The Class of 2013

       Terresa Parks '13


Carolyn R. Dial and Family

       Terry Weaver '66

       Cam and Andrea Weaver


Dr. William H. Grigg '93 (Hon.)

       Kathryn Grigg


Dr. Thomas D. Hyde

       Lori Ruff '07


Lynne C. Joyce

       Council of Independent Colleges


Dr. Colleen P. Keith

       Tom ('63) and Carole Grady


Rev. Kathleen Hughes Kilbourne '79

       Edward and Sarah Hanko ('01 MCE) McKinney


Dr. Juanita F. Kruse

       Ronald and Jane ('06) Woodward


Charlotte F. Maness

       Don and Janice Abernathy

       Lee and Mary Burt Allen

       Jerry ('64) and Dottye Poston ('67) Barrier

       Bob ('65) and Jane Cashion ('68) Brietz

       Wayne ('66) and Harriet Hartman ('67) Brooks

       Shirley Clontz

       Kay Cochran

       Bob ('89 MBA) and Carolyn Gresham

       David and Peggy Grigg

       James and Betsy Harris

       Tim and Carmella Hedrick

       Kathy Howard '81

       Robert and Hyang Sim Huffman

       Roger ('74) and Jane Lisk

       Laura Lorch

       Jennifer Lucas

       Zoua Ly

       Wade and Marian McSwain

       Helen Neil

       Diane Radcliff

       James and Mary Rickaby

       Timothy and Teressa Sides

       Ron and Brenda Skinner

       Gene Starnes

       Steve ('62) and Suzanne Swindell ('65) Surratt

       Joan Trexler

       Kay and William Weathersbee



Dr. Patricia A. Meyers

       Pam Humphrey '14 MCE


M. W. Mullinix, Sr. '68 (Hon.)

       Jack ('74) and Nancy MacDade ('80) Ingram


Theresa P. Newman

       Glynn ('80) and Pam Lookabill


Doris P. Redding

       Linda and Lane ('69) Peeler


Dr. J. Michael Riemann '81 (Hon.), '10 (Hon.)

       Jack ('74) and Nancy MacDade ('80) Ingram

       Jay ('71) and Brenda Walker ('72) Parker


Russell C. Ring '85

       Lee Strong '73


Lester F. Roberts '83 (Hon.)

       Barry Whitaker '93

       Dennis ('74) and Marcie Hill ('74) Causey


Peggy L. Roseman

       David ('80) and Cathy Lefko

       Anne Lyerly


Dr. Harold Williford '66

       Rob and Pam Clark ('74) Elders