Endowed gifts provide a unique opportunity for contributors to provide for the present, as well as the future of Pfeiffer University. The principal of an endowment gift is invested by the University, and a portion of the annual interest earned is used to support the cause selected by the donor. The remaining interest earned is reinvested to grow the principal of the fund.

Endowed gifts to Pfeiffer take many forms, the most common of which is the endowed scholarship. Other types of endowed funds include professorships, lectureships, and specific program endowments. Endowments can be established to support any campus cause, from maintenance to student activities.

Endowment gifts are often made by those with the deepest and broadest regard for the well-being of the University. An endowment gift made today will continue to benefit the University and its students, year after year. To talk with someone about the possibility of establishing an endowed fund, contact the Office of Advancement via email or at (704) 463-3034.