ICARE - Curb Appeal Restoration and Enhancement Campaign

Pfeiffer EntryHere is your chance to say 'I CARE about Pfeiffer University.' The ICARE (Curb Appeal Restoration and Enhancement) campaign provides alumni, parents and friend of Pfeiffer University the chance to make an immediate impact on the life of the institution. From large capital projects such as painting and sidewalk replacement to smaller classroom and office improvements, there are a wide range of 'pet projects' at Pfeiffer that are waiting to be completed...all that's needed is the funding to make them possible!

Outlined below are the offerings of the ICARE campaign. Additional projects will be added as they are identified. However, as these projects are limited, please review the list below to ensure that the opportunity that most appeals to you has not already been funded.  Explore ICARE Project Opportunities to fund a specific project.

Those who make the completion of these projects possible will be publicly acknowledged, should they desire, in the ICARE section of the website below, as well as in Pfeiffer's annual Honor Roll of Donors. Naming opportunities will be recognized accordingly on a case-by-case basis. Completion of individual ICARE projects will only begin when all funding for that project has been received. The Pfeiffer Alumni Board reserves the right to consolidate partially-funded projects if they remain incomplete for more than two years.

For over 130 years, the institution that is now Pfeiffer University has symbolized what it means to pursue education in a nurturing, family environment with a commitment to spiritual growth. Make your gift to the ICARE campaign today and show that you CARE about Pfeiffer's Future!