A Gift of Stock

An outright gift of appreciated marketable securities is one of the most attractive methods of realizing your charitable intentions toward Pfeiffer. Your gift of stock entitles you to an income tax deduction, and you do not incur capital gains tax on the transfer.

Gifts of stock and securities to Pfeiffer University may be handled in a number of ways. You may make your gift by electronic transfer, mail or hand delivery. To assure proper crediting and distribution of your gift, or if you have any questions regarding gifts of securities, please call or write:

Jo Ellen Newsome
Phone: (704) 463-3222, toll free at (800) 338-2060 ext. 3222
Fax: (704) 463-1363
Electronic Transfer
This is the most efficient way to transfer securities to Pfeiffer. If your stock is held at a broker, notify the broker that you wish to make a gift of securities to Pfeiffer University. Your broker will need written authorization from you before they can make the transfer. Be sure to tell them the name of the stock that you want to transfer, the number of shares, and where you would like your gift to be designated.
Securities may be transfer directly to Pfeiffer through:

Merrill Lynch
DTC #8862
Account #818-04J73
FAO Pfeiffer University
We also ask that you contact Jo Ellen Newsome via email or at (704) 463-3222 to let her know that the gift is in process. Shares are sometimes transferred into our account without information, including the donor’s name. Your phone call will allow us to match up your name with the correct stock gift.

By Mail
If your securities are not held at a broker, you may mail the certificates to:

Pfeiffer University
Office of Advancement
P.O. Box 960
Misenheimer, N.C. 28109
If mailing, send your unendorsed certificate(s) and a cover letter stating that you are gifting this security to Pfeiffer University. The cover letter should include your name, address, and purpose of the gift in one envelope. In a second envelope, send a signed, signature guaranteed, stock power.

We strongly recommend using registered mail to forward your certificates and stock power. Please DO NOT mail endorsed certificates. Once the certificate is endorsed, it is legal tender and can be exchanged by anyone. We strongly recommend that certificates not be sent to a transfer agent for registering in the University’s name. This is unnecessary and may result in needless delays.

Hand Delivery
Certificates may be personally delivered to a Pfeiffer University Development Officer or delivered to the Office of Advancement, Administration Building Suite 203 in Misenheimer, N.C.

Giving Real Estate

An outright gift of unencumbered real estate may enable you to make a significant gift to Pfeiffer without incurring capital gains tax on the transfer of a highly appreciated asset. You may give your entire interest or fractional interest in the property. Contact Jo Ellen Newsome at (704) 463-3222 to learn of your tax benefits and to discuss the process of transferring property to the University.